Brief Introduction to Composition of Jiangmen Electric Push Rod

2019-03-26 1171

Electric push rod is a kind of linear reciprocating motion of electric drive equipment driven by rotating motor. Auxiliary drive equipment is a general type. It can be used to deal with various simple or disorderly mechanical performance, complete long-distance control, centralized control and automatic control. It is widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and other industries. Structurally, the application of electric push rod and industrial production is basically similar in the use of push rod, mainly composed of driving motor, push rod assembly, speed change organization, control box and other parts.

Push rod assembly. The screw rod mainly consists of a push rod inner tube, a screw rod and a jacket. The screw rod is connected with the push rod inner tube through a plastic screw with a hole in the center, and the push rod inner tube is connected with the push rod inner tube through a hard rubber sleeve and a jacket. When the motor is rolling, the screw is driven by the gear, and the inner tube of the push rod is pushed by the screw and moves in the outer sleeve. The wire has a buffer rubber ring, which avoids the guide rod moving impact rod, the buffer rubber ring and the pin in the pipe wall, and avoids. Wire rod bearing fasteners, bearings, nuts and bolts, pin-shaft connection transmission gear set. The C-shape is clamped in a push rod sleeve and clamped in a hole. The screw passing through the hole on the side wall of the control box fixes the inner tube of the push rod and the screw of the push rod.

Variable speed organization. The transmission organization consists of eight gears and four gears in the same scale. By changing the speed of the transmission, the output power of the motor is transmitted to the push rod assembly to drive the antenna to rotate. Together, the viewpoint between the cams is adjusted to drive the two cams stacked together, and the limit switch is manipulated to rotate the antenna within the limit size of the object. The transmission organization also drives a quadrupole permanent magnet wheel to roll, and the normally open tongue tube changes in the open and close state to form a pulse signal, which is transmitted to the memory controller to complete the selection of remote control antenna and satellite.

Control box. The control box drives the motor, and the organization under the control box is only 8 gear covers connecting the push rod assembly, through the magnetic wheel and reed pulse signal generator equipment, terminal cover plate, limit switch, rotating cam and so on.