There are several advantages of small electric push rod

2019-03-26 1163

The advantages of the small electric push rod are obvious. The trapezoidal lead screw of the electric push rod is self-locking, but the ball screw electric push rod does not have this self-locking function, but it can use the brake device of the motor to achieve high self-locking, which can also meet the functional requirements and increase the safety of the product. Simply put, it has high precision and heavy load, and can carry out synchronous automation control.

We will use electric push rods in metallurgical, solar, aerospace, military and industrial automation industries. And the electric push rod is gradually replacing the cylinder, oil cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. The universal use of electric push-pull rods is a trend in the future.

Jiangmen electric push rod

Here are some advantages of electric push rod in material selection.

1. Aluminum bronze or tin bronze is the best material combining wear resistance with self-lubrication for turbine or nut; POM with better wear resistance and self-lubrication for plastic nut is used, and original accessories are used.

2. The electric push rod shell is made of alumina or 20 # steel which is oxidized or sprayed on the surface; the plastic shell is made of reinforced nylon material; and the guide tube is made of alumina material to ensure the appearance and performance of the equipment.

3. With limit switch or current overload protector, the push rod can be protected by limit of feasible range.

4. Motors are equipped with suitable motors according to different needs of customers to ensure the best performance-price ratio of electric push rods.

5. Push rod with dust-proof cover is made of non-ageing materials.

6. The front and back end installation joints adopt various forms, which can be selected by customers, and can also be processed according to different customers.