Benefits of using liftable desks

2019-03-26 1111

How many hours do you sit at your desk in a day? If you stick to your seat for more than 90% of the eight-hour office hours, be careful that your health is at risk. A Harvard study shows that sitting in a seat for a long time has the same impact on health as smoking.

That's why many sports wristwatches today take part in sedentary cues, but these are obviously useless for lazy people. Unless you don't stand up after an hour, the wristwatch will give you an electric shock. No other non-compulsory method can change the lazy nature of everyone. But there is another way, if you don't want to stand up, then let the table "stand up" is not enough.

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In fact, this kind of "stand up" table has been popular in Silicon Valley for a long time. Its purpose is not to let people sit and work, but to stand and deal with things. There are even running offices with treadmills, bicycle desks and so on, not to mention that running and cycling have nothing to do with office work, but some experiments show that these sports have improved everyone's office efficiency.

Just press the button lightly, and you can adjust the height of the desk at will to get used to your office needs. Xiaobian is also anxious for such a table, people will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable after sitting for a long time.