What is the difference between electric cylinder and electric push rod?

2019-03-26 1178

The unprofessional people all know that the electric cylinder is the electric push rod. In fact, they are two different products.

1. Structurally speaking, large-scale electric push rod drive is worm wheel and worm structure, and small-scale electric push rod drive is pinion drive, which has low power; while electric cylinder is driven by synchronous belt or direct connection, and the transmission power is relatively high.

2. In terms of operation, the electric push rod is basically a three-phase motor or a direct-connected motor. There are several points in operation. The electric cylinder is usually equipped with servo motor, which is more complex.

3. Electric push rod is widely used in general industry, such as window opening and plugging, while electric cylinder is widely used in some high-precision occasions because of its high accuracy and high transmission power.

Jiangmen electric push rod

The differences between electric push rod and electric cylinder are as follows:

1. From the way of lead screw: electric push rod mostly uses trapezoidal lead screw, rolling ball screw to do; electric cylinder mostly uses grinding ball screw, planetary ball screw to do.

2. Connection mode with motor: electric push rod is driven by gears, turbo-rods and so on, with low power; electric cylinder is connected with motor by direct coupling, or synchronous pulley, with very high power.

3. In terms of linear speed, the speed of electric push rod is generally less than 100mm/s, and the speed of electric cylinder can reach 2m/s.

4. Accuracy: Accuracy of communication electric push rod is 0.1-0.2 mm, accuracy of DC electric push rod is 1-2 mm, accuracy of electric cylinder is 0.01-02 mm.

5. From the control method: the electric push rod can only control 0 points and 2 directions of maximum stroke (adding servo motor or stepping motor can also control the central position, but it is very troublesome); the electric cylinder can start and stop in any direction.

The reason why electric cylinder is called electric cylinder or servo electric cylinder is that all its functions are close to hydraulic cylinder, such as thrust up to 35 tons, speed up to 2 m/s, and travel is longer. Compared with hydraulic cylinder and cylinder, he does not need hydraulic and air sources, but only to give general communication electricity, and then control the movement of servo motor can control the movement of electric cylinder.

The reason why the electric push rod can only be called a push rod is that it can only complete the push and pull action. The maximum thrust is basically difficult to exceed 10 tons, the speed is less than 100 mm/s, and the journey can not be very long.

But their English names are Linear actuator, so in the eyes of Europeans, Americans, Japanese and Koreans, electric push rods and electric cylinders are a kind of thing.