Several Pushing Methods of Operating Angle of Electric Push Rod

2019-03-26 1128

The impediment of electric push rod market is also a restriction point for the development of new strategic industries in China. This is the characteristic choice of high-end manufacturing industry. First, the product interest is high, like the cost of solar power generation is 34 times that of conventional thermal power; second, the need for effective equipment is high, such as the assumption that the new energy car does not have the corresponding charging equipment, and the car can not run with it; third, the trust bottleneck of shopping malls. That is to say, when new domestic products enter the market, consumers do not trust them. Hydraulic control valve group is mainly composed of relief valve, oil absorption one-way valve, speed regulating valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, etc. It can also describe different function of oil circuit combination valve according to the operation characteristics of electro-hydraulic push rod to satisfy its operation needs. Generally, self-locking is introduced, self-locking is pulled back, self-locking is pushed and pushed; speed can be adjusted, not speed-adjusted; electro-hydraulic push rod operation viewpoint is horizontal push, upward push, downward push and so on.

In the blank production stage, due to the shortage of materials and the difficulty of circulation in the planned economy era in the past, almost all enterprises seek the operation method of "sparrows are small, have all five zang organs and do not ask for human beings", which leads to the slow replacement of equipment and serious shortage of equipment. After the reform and opening up, this situation has not changed much. As a result, the precision of blank production is low and the processing margin is large; it brings difficulties to follow-up machining, resulting in large data waste, low resource utilization, large tool wear and energy consumption in cutting process; and the environmental pollution caused by coolant used to reduce tool wear is increased.

Jiangmen electric push rod

There are many kinds of mechanical and electrical products in China, but generally speaking, the efficiency of the system is relatively low and the system is in a long-term inefficient operation. Some enterprises producing mechanical and electrical systems lack awareness of the economic benefits brought about by the mechanical and electrical system, or hinder the technical title of the mechanical and electrical energy-saving transformation. The industry believes that although energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment has been in a cold and hot state for a long time, the promotion and application of energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment will show substantial progress under the promotion of low-carbon, energy-saving and emission reduction policies. In today's developed market economy, our electro-hydraulic push rod machine as a whole is undergoing tremendous changes. Such machines are very popular in our shopping malls in China, and they can be said to be very different on the road of future development.

The motor rolling speed is not uniform. Assuming that the motor rolling speed is not uniform, the electric push rod propeller is usually not fixed well, and it has been out of the shaking condition. Check whether the pulley is worn or not, which results in inconsistent resistance when rolling. The electric push rod takes the motor as the power source and rotates forward through the motor, so that the hydraulic oil can be output by the bidirectional gear pump and sent to the working cylinder through the oil circuit integrated block to complete the reciprocating motion of the piston rod. When the electric push rod is working, if the external force on the piston rod exceeds the rated output force or the piston has reached the end, the motor is still rolling. At this time, the oil pressure in the oil pipeline rises to the set pressure, and the relief valve overflows quickly and accurately to complete the active maintenance of overload.